Panoramic mountain Feuerkogel

The Feuerkogel, the sunniest mountain from upper Austria scores with a fantastic view on the whole Salzkammergut. Comfortable huts and many sports possibilities make your holiday to an unforgetable experience. You have the best reachability from Ebensee. There you go up to the Feuerkogel via cable car to 1200 meters. In the adeventure village you are able to relax, to hike and to enjoy fantastic austrian dishes.

On the Feuerkogel you find hiking tours with all levels of difficultly. A trip to the viewing plattform Alberfeldkogel with the impressing "Europakreuz" and many other routes invite to an unforgetable experience. You can look forward to one of the sunniest high platteau from upper Austria. For the athletic there are some continued hiking routes which are more demanding like the crossing over the Höllengebirge. For such tours you need the demanded condition and pace safety. To stop for a bite to eat, there are four mountain guesthouses, with overnight accommodation and typical austrian kindness and kitchen.

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Colourful light shows

Tranquillity, as you have never experienced it before. Get up early in the morning, before sunrise and stand in front of the hut and be immediately surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Birds sing the first song of the day. Cowbells ringing in the distance, enjoy your morning coffee on the hut bench while tasting the fresh air - that's what people from all over the world find fascinating about a magical overnight stay in a hut in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. Relax your eyes and gaze into the distance, forget everyday life, soak up the rays of the sun, feel the wind on your skin and just unwind. So have we filled you with desire? What are your criteria for a hut night?

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  • Contact
    Feuerkogel cable car in Ebensee
    Feuerkogel Seilbahn
    Rudolf Ippisch Platz 4 4
    802 Ebensee
    Phone: #43 (0) 50 140
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