Mountain Huts and Alpine

Peaceful oases between lakes and mountains

Probably the most beautiful places in the world to take a break whilst hiking are on the Alpine pastures or in romantic mountain huts around Lake Hallstatt. And when hunger strikes whilst out hiking, then look no further: Cool refreshing drinks and hearty home-style cooking ensure a cosy rustic atmosphere. Everything your heart desires!

Whether a long day hike or a leisurely family excursion - a glass of fresh milk, accompanied by freshly baked farmhouse bread with delicious bacon or fresh alpine cheese – an experience not to be missed! Whether serviced Alpine pastures or rustic mountain huts, here you will find the most beautiful peaceful oases in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut.

Gablonzer hut / Gablonzerhütte

Gosau | Gablonzerhütte: Both a haven and the perfect starting point for unforgettable moments in the Dachstein West hiking region. Passionate hikers will love the fantastic sunny terrace with views of the Dachstein glacier.

» Gablonzer hut / Gablonzerhütte

Wanderregion Dachstein West in Gosau: Gablonzerhütte auf der Zwieselalm in der Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut

Adamekhütte / Adamek hut

Gosau | Adamekhütte: Romantic hut located at the foot of the mighty Dachstein glacier at an altitude of 2.196m. The "station of the Alps" will inspire you!

» Adamekhütte / Adamek hut

© Gapp | Adamekthütte in Gosau

Sonnenalm in Gosau

Gosau | Sonnenalm: Ideal stopover during your hike through the impressive mountains of the Dachstein-West hiking region. There are home-made pastries and hearty home cooking.

» Sonnenalm in Gosau

© Kraft | Für den Bergfex: Sonnenalm auf der Zwieselalm in der Wander-und Skiregion Dachstein West in Gosau.

‘Klackl or Seeklausalm’ on Lake Gosau

Gosau | Klackl or Seeklausalm: Alpine hut with down to earth comfort and fantastic views of the Gosau lake and the Dachstein glacier. Alpine life with water wells and cows - super idyllic!

» ‘Klackl or Seeklausalm’ on Lake Gosau

© Kraft  Klackl- oder Seeklausalm am Gosausee

Rustic mountain rest stop on the Rossalm

Colourful flower meadows, ponies, cows, sheep, donkeys and much more make this alpine pasture in Gosau a popular meeting place for hikers, mountain bikers and families with children.

» Rossalm in Gosau

© Kraft | Rossalm in Gosau

Ebenalm in Gosau

An hour’s walk from Lake Gosau, a short ride for bikers and a full nature enjoyment for all those who are looking for peace and quiet. Also ideal for overnight stays with friends in the quaint mountain hut. So beautiful! If it’s mountain pleasure you’re after, then "Eben Alm".

» Ebenalm in Gosau

“Leutgebhütte” on the “Plankensteinalm”

Gosau | Leutgebhütte: Meeting point for mountain bikers, hikers and nature lovers. With a large sunny terrace and plenty of discovery oppotunities for children.

» “Leutgebhütte” on the “Plankensteinalm”

© Kraft | Leutgebhütte auf der Plankensteinalm

Simonyhütte / Simony hut

Hallstatt / Obertraun | Simonyhütte: Nestled picturesquely at the foot of the Dachstein, with a beautiful view, the refuge is located 2,203m above sea level, amidst the impressive mountains of the Dachstein plateau.

» Simonyhütte

© Kraft | Simonyhütte in der Dachstein Wanderwelt in Hallstatt / Obertraun bei einem Wanderurlaub in der Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut.

Lodge on Mount Krippenstein

Obertraun | ‘Lodge am Krippenstein’: Nestled in the fulminant scenery of the Dachstein hiking world, this modern mountain lodge is a dream for walkers, families with children and sun worshipers.

» Lodge am Krippenstein

© Rosifka | Lodge am Krippenstein in Obertraun.

“Badstub’n Hütte” (hut) in Gosau

Gosau | Badstub’n Hütte: Cosy rustic meeting place for hikers and nature lovers with sweet teeth. Ascent to the hut about 1.5 hours. Alpine pastures with play opportunities for children. Ascent is also possible with the slow train.

» “Badstub’n Hütte” (hut) in Gosau

Schilcherhaus on the Gjaidalm

Obertraun | Gjaidalm: Here you will find what you have often sought in vain elsewhere ... Relaxation - Tranquillity - Nature – Rest in a charming alpine landscape on the Dachstein plateau

» Schilcherhaus auf der Gjaidalm

© Kraft | Schilcherhaus auf der Gjaidalm in der Dachstein Wanderwelt in Obertraun

Goisererhütte / Goiserer hut

Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt | Goisererhütte: Here you will find tranquillity to dream, reflect and cuddle - time for partners, children or good friends in the middle of unspoiled nature, with the Goisern valley at your feet.

» Goisererhütte / Goiserer hut

© Stadlinger | Goisererhütte in Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

Hütteneckalm - very close to paradise

Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt | Hütteneckalm: Pamper your soul with an incredible view of the World Heritage region while the Hütteneckalm team take care of your creature comforts. It doesn’t get any better!

» Hütteneckalm

© Kraft | Hütteneckalm in Bad Goisern

“Niedere (lower) Sarsteinalm” Bad Goisern

Bad Goisern | Sarsteinalm: This highest alpine pasture of the Salzkammergut operates all summer long. The dairymaid can provide refreshments and small meals on your hike to the Sarstein summit.

» “Niedere (lower) Sarsteinalm” Bad Goisern

© Kraft | Niedere Sarsteinalm in Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

“Hofpürglhütte” in Filzmoos

Mountain hut with numerous leisure facilities at 1705 m above sea level below the “Bischofsmütze”. A must for nature & mountain lovers. With bouldering and climbing walls in the hut.

» “Hofpürglhütte” in Filzmoos

© Mario Penz |  Hofpürglhütte in Filzmoos

Alpine life - a piece of culture!

However, the Alpine pastures and mountain huts around Lake Hallstatt are far more than just destinations for hikers and have an important role within Austrian culture. For now, just as in the past, farm animals such as sheep or cattle are driven up onto the pastures in the summer where many products are manufactured onsite by the milkmaids and dairymen who also spend the summer months on the pasture. Towards the end of the summer the animals are then colourfully decorated and driven back down into the valley. A unique cultural asset still alive around Lake Hallstatt and Gosau.

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Ort:  Badstubn Hütte, Gosau


© Grill

Date: Thu, Jun. 21, 2018 , 10:00
Ort:  E-Bike Verleih Nemo-Point , Gosauseestraße 7 4824 Gosau
Alluringly good eBike tours. Guided cycling tour to the most beautiful alpine pastures and huts in the Gosau Valley.


© Kraft

Date: Sat, Jun. 30, 2018 , 04:30 — 09:30
Ort:  Dachstein-Krippenstein-Seilbahn, Winkl 34 4831 Obertraun
Unique holiday experience for nature lovers, hikers or photographers. With delicious breakfast in a rustic mountain lodge.


 © netwerkstatt

Date: Sat, Jun. 30, 2018 , 09:30 — 16:30
Ort:  Sportplatz Gosau, 4824 Gosau
Family-friendly day hike with slow train. About 6 hours. With ride to the "Löckernmoss" moor and Plankensteinalm


© OÖ.Tourismus/Röbl  |  Wanderung auf der Plankensteinalm

Date: Sun, Jul. 1, 2018 , 11:00 — 19:00
Ort:  Zwieselalm, 4824 Gosau
The Zwieselalm offers all friends of folk music a musical highlight: all five participating lodges will be putting on live music all day.


© kraft

Date: Wed, Jul. 4, 2018 , 09:00 — 11:00
Ort:  ,


© Kraft

Date: Wed, Jul. 11, 2018 , 09:00 — 11:00
Ort:  Zwieselalm, 4824 Gosau


© Kraft

Date: Sat, Sep. 29, 2018 , 09:00 — 16:00
Ort:  Iglmoosalm, Gosau
Counting sheep in Gosau: A leisurely day with delicious food awaits you on the Iglmoosalm.


© Kraft

The discount ticket für hikers

3 Peaks and 1 Ticket

Salzkammergut | Mountain-Ticket (Gipfelticket): From now on you can get to the most popular mountain peaks in the Salzkammergut with just one, great value ticket. This discounted ticket lasts all summer long, for the loveliest peaks and views in the Salzkammergut.

» 3 Peaks and 1 Ticket

© Traunsee Touristik GmbH  | Salzkammergut Gipfelticket - 3 Gipfel - 1 Ticket!

Wandern in der UNESCO Welterberegion Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut ist meditieren im Gehen. Schritt für Schritt nähert man sich nicht nur dem Gipfel, sondern auch seiner ganz persönlichen Geschwindigkeit. Das Leben verlangsamt sich, der Kopf wird frei, man lebt im Moment und genießt. Genau so soll sich Urlaub in der Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut anfühlen! Die schönsten Wanderziele rund um den Hallstattersee und Gosausee finden Sie in unserem großen Tourenüberblick.

Tip for Mountain individualists

To be on the safe side we recommend you check the opening times of mountain and alpine huts, around the Dachstein, in advance! Your hosts and the four tourist information offices in Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt and Obertraun will glad to assist you further: Here you can get extensive maps and valuable insider tips. We wish you a relaxing break while hiking in the World Heritage region!