Echern Valley in Hallstatt - © Kraft

The “Cross Stone” in the Echern Valley

The rock in the landscape

For those spending more than just one night in Hallstatt, you should take a trip to the Echerntal. Surrounded by the Hirlatz and the majestic Echerntal wall, where apart from the Glacier garden and the "Waldbachstrub" waterfall, there is also quite a lot to discover to the right and left of the trail. For example the imposing "Kreuzstein".

The boulder detached itself from the „Echernwand“ after the glacier retracted from the valley some 12,000 years ago. In the second half of the 19th century, a hermitage with a small wooden hut and a garden was created on the top of the "Kreuzsteins". Access was via a wooden staircase. In 2007, the neighbouring crossbowmen rebuilt the hut and wooden steps and inaugurated it on 24th August of that year.

The crucifix on the west side is from a Hallstatt artist. The homeland poet Maria Reisenbichler (1890 - 1979) wrote a literary memorial to the "Kreuzstein" with a tale of a young boy who fell from the Echernwand.

Excellent measurements

The memorial on the "Kreuzstein" is reminiscent of the worthy forestry expert Max Edlen von Wunderbaldinger (1799 - 1878). As a leading forestry master, he initiated a detailed survey of the Salzkammergut forests and also integration into the network of newly created land surveying. In conjunction with an extensive reorganization of the entire forestry system in the Salzkammergut, he created the basis for a modern forestry (planning area in the forestry) whose results have an impact to this day. The monument was renovated by the forestry commission in 2004.

Our tip: The path to the "Kreuzstein" on the Echernntalweg can be combined wonderfully with a three-hour exploring tour to the “Glücksplatz” (place of happiness) at the "Waldbachstrub" waterfall or a visit to the primeval glacier garden. 

Magical Spots between Mountains and Lakes

From the Kalverienberg in Gosau, which offers visitors fantastic panoramas of the Gosau Valley, the romantic Koppenwinkel Lake in Obertraun with its absolute tranquillity, to the incomparable charm of the “Goiserer Seeplatzl”, the numerous enchanting locations of the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut wait to be discovered. We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful natural settings between mountains and lakes just for you—and new ideas are continually added!

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