Theme path trough the Echern Valley in Hallstatt - © Kraft

Themed trail Hallstatt Echerntal

"Painters, writers and natural wonders"

No problem! Here we have put together the text and pictures of the ten display boards. Therefore, you can conveniently read beforehand or review the history once again in the evening after the walk. We wish you lots of fun on this approximately 2 hour journey of discovery through the wild romantic Echerntal in Hallstatt.

To read: Thematic boards of the trail at a glance

Enchanting Hallstatt

Explorers, painters, men of literature

Witnesses of stone

A paradise for artists

Lost handcraft

Miracles of nature

Mysterious traces

Lost in the snow storm

Relicts of Ice Age

A cave of records

A pioneer of the Dachstein mountains

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