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Whether a day visitor or overnight guest – everyone likes to get to know the historic sites of UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. For this reason, the theme trail through the centre of Hallstatt, rich with history, is ideal as it combines a walk with exciting stories and history. This combination of exercise and new insights makes the theme trail, through the world famous lakeside resort, ideal for leisure activities for the whole family.

Enchanting Hallstatt

That which makes Hallstatt special was succinctly quoted by Rudolf Lehr - journalist and Hallstatt resident by choice? You want to be alone? In three minutes you are in solitude. Thoughtful?

» Enchanting Hallstatt

You`ll find no full plates there

The Hallstatt people had to carry out very strenuous tasks which took all of their strength and could not be replaced due to insufficient nutrition and strengthening drinks.
You? ll find no full plates there.

» You`ll find no full plates there

The woman salt carriers

Many women salt carriers even carried these burdens in advanced pregnancy. The salt broken directly from the rock is still used today as licks for wild and domestic animals

» The woman salt carriers

Over the rooftops

Hallstatt gives the impression of being vigorously shaken by a giant hand and thrown and stuck on to the perpendicular cliffs rising from the black lake.

» Over the rooftops

In the step of Friedrich Morton

Friedrich Morton founded a botanical and meteorological station in Hallstatt in 1923; between 1925 and 1967 he was engaged as the custodian of the Hallstatt Museum.

» In the step of Friedrich Morton

Indigenous Hallstatt

Local life is depicted by old musical instruments, local costumes, and Christmas cribs, and an original smokehouse.

» Indigenous Hallstatt

Where the solt was boiled

The brine (water and salt mixture) flowed in wooden pipes directly down from the Salt Mountain to the pan house. The immense amount of wood used decimated the forests in the inner Salzkammergut.

» Where the solt was boiled

The waterfall mills

In 1490, The Court Chamber gave an order that the farmers in the fertile foothills of the Alps, and the Enns Valley in Styria, were to deliver only to the Salzkammergut the excess of goods beyond their own needs.

» The waterfall mills

The fight for faith

The new-Gothic Evangelical Church of Christ is from 1861, after which the Protestant Patent? From Emperor Franz Joseph I placed the Protestant faith on equal footing with the Catholic.

» The fight for faith

Friedrich Simony explores the Dachstein

In 1842, Friedrich Simony reached the 2995-meter summit of the Dachstein for the first time. In 1843 he had the first primitive refuge built on the Dachstein - the Hotel Simony? - near the Simony Hut of today.

» Friedrich Simony explores the Dachstein

The house of the poor

The first association for the education of workers in Upper Austria was constituted in Hallstatt after 1868, giving bread and work that fortifies us, our children learning in school, and our aged released from begging.?

» The house of the poor

Hallstatt burns

The fire that left most of the market in ruins and ashes on September 20th, 1750. Four people died on that occasion; thirty-five houses in the town centre and all documentation at the Court Administration Office went up in flames.

» Hallstatt burns

The market town and its salt traders

The Market Square dates back to the 14th century; most of the dwellings are from the 16th century.

» The market town and its salt traders

Visitors in Hallstatt

Eloquent poets - from Johann Nestroy to Nikolaus Lenau, and Carl Zuckmayer - or such popular figures as Alexander Girardi and Marlene Dietrich - have written their names in Hallstatt`s guest books.

» Visitors in Hallstatt

The first tourists arrive

Around 1900, Hallstatt served the ever increasing number of visitors with three hotels, ten guest houses, and a brewery. Wealthy visitors could be carried around by sweating chair carriers.

» The first tourists arrive

In the Badergraben

The social situation among the salt workers was generally better than in other economic areas. A hospital for the sick and needy was here in the 16th century, and around 1565 the workers had the benefit of gratis medical aid.

» In the Badergraben

The great Hallstatt period

The oldest finds date back to the Stone Age. Hallstatt was then the focal point of an ?early form of European unity? Which stretched from France to Slovenia. Historians named this epoch after 1874, the Hallstatt Culture.

» The great Hallstatt period

Through thousands of years

The miners repeatedly came upon traces of their prehistoric predecessors. In 1734 they discovered the fully preserved ?man in salt, who, considered a heathen, was quickly buried.

» Through thousands of years

The "underworld" of the forge

The salt mines forge stood here from the middle ages until it was removed in 1896. The smith repaired tools, shoed horses and banded wagon wheels. Massive iron sheets for the salt pans that could not be brought in from outside were made at the forge.

» The "underworld" of the forge

Hallstatt and the Habsburger

The historical Rudolf`s tower was once a watchtower to protect the salt against enemies and served as the personal accommodation of the Salt mine manager.

» Hallstatt and the Habsburger

The lake and other thoroughfares

Before the roads were built in the 19th century, Hallstatt could only be reached on bridle paths or by boat across the lake. In 1890 the Seestrasse (Lake Road) was constructed.

» The lake and other thoroughfares

The lake and the solt

Alexander von Humboldt, a widely travelled explorer in the 18th and 19th centuries, called Hallstatt „the loveliest lake village in the world".

» The lake and the solt

Hallstatt - Home of the salt

Salt lured people to Hallstatt as early as the Neolithic Stone Age and mining has been continuous since 1300 BC

» Hallstatt - Home of the salt

Hallstatt - Home of the salt

The best way to discover more about the history of Hallstatt is from above. Here you can see the unbelievable technical achievements that were made.

» Hallstatt - Home of the salt

Audio Guide Tour Hallstatt

Do you feel like undertaking a journey of discovery into the heart of the Salzkammergut? Take a journey through 7000 years of the World Heritage region of Hallstatt and experience the village on your own way!

» Audio Guide Tour Hallstatt

Hallstatt stays in the ear

Interested visitors can also experience all stations of the Hallstatt theme trail with the audio guide. For cultural stations, such as the World Heritage Museum or the picturesque market square, interesting and impressive information from one to four minutes are recorded. The focus was less on dates and a series of historical data but rather on stories and a vibrant, exciting narrative. Thus, listeners get transported briefly into another era by background noises. This way you can discover the romantic saltern village in an entertaining way. Headphones and an MP3 player for the audio theme trail can be simply borrowed from the Hallstatt tourism information office. Whether traveling alone, as a couple or with the whole family: Knowledge is fun – the time flies!

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Hand in Hand: Culture and Sport

Thanks to its rich history and tradition, the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut offers a wide range of cultural and sports activities: Each year cycling enthusiasts from all over Europe are attracted to Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, at the start of July for Salzkammergut Mountainbike Trophy, whereas the fans of tradition and customs eagerly await the "Gamsjagatagen" (Chamois Hunting Days) in August. But also the small traditional events and religious festivals such as the ceremonial procession of Corpus Christi or the incomparable World Heritage Advent in December have your very own personal charm and are among the most popular cultural events with guests from all over the world. Spend an exciting holiday among mountains and lakes with events and culture along with a lot of nature in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. We look forward to your visit!



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