Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata

Athletic Alpine adventure out on the via ferrata on the Krippenstein

Thrills and rushes of pure adrenaline out on the wire of the new ‘Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata’! The new fixed rope course on the Dachstein Krippenstein, a high point for any fan of the Alps, affords an unforgettable Alpine adventure with a vast breathtaking view from the Inner Salzkammergut as far out as the Dachstein Glacier

The access point to the new via ferrata can be found just 20 minutes away from the mountain station for the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car. The new Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata can be traversed across two courses at varying levels of difficulty (Blue/Dachstein Gams and Orange/Nordwand), and following its wire cables and footholds unravels a tremendous Alpine experience. Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata: climbing route info Fixed rope cours Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata..

Safety on the rock face

In recent years rock climbing has developed encouragingly strong and each year inspires more and more people. Its versatility means you get a taste of everything: whether hard tracks in the Boulder room or indoor climbing hall, long routes with alpine ambience or leisurely tours on a sunny cliff - in climbing, regardless of age, everyone finds their individual conditions. Safety guidelines play an important role in enabling you to enjoy this fascination to the full. The best advice for "correct" climbing in the Salzkammergut region can be found here.

Adventure world for cavers and mountaineering fanatics

Whether you take a short trip with the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car to sunbathe on the vast Gjadalm, or visit the "Lodge am Krippenstein" for the unique panoramic view of the impressive Dachstein mountains - unforgettable mountain moments that can simply not be missed during a holiday in the Salzkammergut! Mountaineers of all ages will find a perfectly marked network of trails and unforgettable nature experiences at over 2,000 m: hiking on the Nature Trail via the Wiesberghaus to Hallstatt, a tour of discovery through the impressive karst landscape on the Heilbronner circular trail or a hike with overnight stay to the Simonyhütte. Many unforgettable sights, such as the spectacular "5fingers" viewing platform, the ship-shaped World Heritage spiral, fascinating cave worlds, or the iconic prehistoric shark, complete the wide range of excursions in the Dachstein hiking world. The mountains are calling - when will you call back?

Information at a glance

  • Brief overview:
  • Access point 20 min
    Himmeleck to the Gams | A | 600 metres’ climb
    Gams to the 5fingers | B/C | 350 metres’ climb
    Westpfeiler | E | 850 metres’ climb
  • Access point 20 min:
    Take the footpath from the Krippenstein top station heading north (5fingers). About halfway, follow a clear sign pointing east as far as the ‘Himmeleck’ access.
  • Blue > Dachstein Gams | B | 950 metres’ climb:
    Stunning Alpine amateurs’ tour, not for beginners though. This via ferrata runs 600m north from the ‘Himmeleck’ access on the east side of the Krippenstein towards the ‘Gams’ (chamois sculpture).
  • From the ‘Gams’, either take the same climbing route back to the ‘Himmeleck’ again, or go on up 350m to the 5fingers observation deck. This exit, however, has 2 points at level C difficulty.
  • Orange > Nordwand | E | 850 metres’ climb:
    The via ferrata at the highest level of difficulty. From the chamois sculpture, it starts off as a descent, which then veers off 450m across to the west up under the north face of the Krippenstein. This then stretches on for a total climb of 400m. The north face starts with an overhang, its difficulty ranging up to E. It then continues at a slight angle on towards the west across exposed, solid slabs of rock.
  • The west end of the via ferrata is the exit for BASE jump. The upper part continues on from the ‘Base Exit’ for a further distance of 100m at level E difficulty.
  • Cable car operations management / Emergency info: +43 (0)50 140 12180
    Mountain rescue service: 140

  • Opening times
    Daily open in summer season 2017:
    Section I | Schönbergalm 29.04. - 29.10.2017
    Section II | Mountain station Krippenstein 29.04. - 29.10.2017
    Section III | Valley station Gjaid 10.06. - 29.10.2017
    First cable car ascent at 8.40 hrs. from valley station Dachstein Krippenstein!

    Please note! Last mountain ascent - from valley station Dachstein Krippenstein
    to Dachstein ice cave - section I
    29.04.-09.06.: 15.00 hrs.
    10.06.-10.09.: 15.30 hrs.
    11.09.-29.10.: 15.00 hrs.
    to Mammut cave- section I
    29.04.-09.06.: 14.00 hrs.
    10.06.-10.09: 14.30 hrs.
    11.09.-29.10.: 14.00 hrs.
    to Lodge am Krippenstein - section I, II (Top of the mountain)
    29.04.-09.06.: 16.30 hrs.
    10.06.-10.09.: 17.00 hrs.
    11.09.-29.10.: 16.30 hrs.
    to Gjaid Alm - section I, II, III
    Please note! Last valley descents!
    Section I - from middle station Schönbergalm
    29.04.-09.06.: 17.10 hrs.
    10.06.-10.09.: 17.40 hrs.
    11.09.-29.10.: 17.10 Uhr
    Section II - from mountain station Krippenstein
    29.04.-09.06.:17.00 hrs.
    10.06.-10.09.: 17.30 hrs.
    11.09.-29.10.: 17.00 hrs.
    Section III - from valley station Gjaid
    10.06.-10.09.: 17.20 hrs.
    11.09.-29.10.: 16.50 hrs.

    Special weekend rides!
    Always on Sat and Sun! On the weekends of 23th of September to 29th of October 2017:
    Special cable car ride to later hour in autumn! hikers can enjoy the day at the Dachstein Salzkammergut even
    cable car section III: Gjaidalm 17:46 hrs.
    Cable car section II: Krippenstein 18:00 hrs.
    Sable car section I: Schönbergalm 18:10 hrs.
    Note: Special valley descent will only take place on Saturday and Sunday and the Austrian bank holiday, 26th October 2017.