Boat hire in Obertraun

New perspectives from Lake Hallstatt

Whether it’s an electric boat, a cool swan pedal boat or a leisurely rowboat - The Obertrauner boat rental at the “Seecafe” on the beach offers the right boat for everyone.

It is the silence, the moment, and the play of the waves as your boat glides across the waters that make these impressions so unique. Whichever route you choose, Lake Hallstatt always gives new perspectives and always leaves time to discover new hidden gems. Get in and discover with the Obertraun Immervoll boat rental a new side to your holiday in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. If you want to be on the safe side, on hot sunny days we recommend you call and reserve a boat.

Bike hire Immervoll

The Immervol bike rental is located directly at the See-Cafe & beach in Obertraun. The perfect starting point for a bike ride along Lake Hallstatt on the “Ostuferradweg” for example.

» Bike hire Immervoll

© Kraft

Recreational paradise on Lake Hallstatt

Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt | Strandbad: The family-friendly beach in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful and best maintained swimming facilities on Lake Hallstatt

» Strandbad Obertraun

© Viertbauer | Baden im Salzkammergut: Strandbad Obertraun am Hallstättersee

Unforgettable holiday experience

Take an extraordinary ride on Lake Hallstatt with Navia, and turn back time. On board a Zille, sister to those that transported the “white gold” from Hallstatt’s Salzberg, or Salt Mountain, into the wider world 500 years ago.

» Unforgettable holiday experience

© Kraft | Salarius - die neue und traditionelle Schifffahrt am Hallstättersee

How do storm warning beacons work?

Whether you’re out in a rental boat from one of the numerous rental agencies on Lake Hallstatt or underway in your own vessel, there is always a potential for storms or high waves on the lake. Storm warning beacons call attention to the weather conditions in the area. The storm warning beacons (an orange, blinking spotlight) are positioned in the north and south so that at least one signal is visual from any point on the lake. In this manner, water enthusiasts can be immediately warned in the event of strong winds or storms. You should be aware of and heed the respective signals. A quickly rotating light signifies an approaching storm. You should leave the water immediately! A slowly rotating light means that a storm can arise at some point in the near future. You may remain on the water but stay close to shore. Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation, call the emergency number 130. Your boat rental agency is available to answer additional questions. We hope you have a memorable and safe outing on Lake Hallstatt. 

Information at a glance

  • Open hours:
    May to September
    Daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hrrs.
  • Prices 2017
    Electric boat: 20.- Euro per hour
    Swan (pedal boat): 15.- Euro per hour
    Rowing boat: 15.- Euro per hour
    SUP (Stand up Paddling Board): 15.- Euro per hour
    Kajak: 15.- Euro per hour
  • Contact
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    4831 Obertraun
    Phone: +43 (0) 650 61 771 65