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A museum is worth visiting at any time, because nowadays museums are much more than the last resort for dull rainy days. With modern exhibition concepts, big and small explorers are sent off on many adventurous journeys. We have put together a number of different ideas museum visits and on the following pages you will find some of the finest and most unusual museums in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. 

Witness of the past

GosauStone and fossil grinding/exhibition: Fossilised creatures up to about one million years old are found in river beds and certain rock faces around Gosau

» Witness of the past

Outdoor Museum in the Gosau Valley

For all who want to discover something new. Take a look at the rural life in the historic cultural landscape of the Gosau Valley and immerse yourself in a colourful world of events. Enjoyment right from the start.

» Outdoor Museum

The World Heritage museum of Hallstatt

How did the people of Hallstatt live in the past? How did they earn their crust? The answers to these and other questions will be provided on a journey through time of the extra class in the heart of Hallstatt. Open all year!

» World Heritage Museum Hallstatt

Archaeological excavations in Hallstatt

The sensational findings and centuries-old remains of settlements in the centre of Hallstatt made the "cellar full of history" a real spectator magnet. A must see!

» Archaeological excavations in Hallstatt

Museum & Curiosities Cabinet Hallstatt

Exhibition of historical slot machines from various centuries. A journey through the ages. Exhibits with impressive history. Not just for rainy days!

» Museum & Curiosities Cabinet Hallstatt

The tough life of a Lumber Jack

Bad Goisern | The lumbering museum: Discover the long forgotten world of manual labour.


» The tough life of a Lumber Jack

The Landler museum

Bad Goisern | The Landler or Transylvanian Landler museum: Discover the traditions and history of the Landler in a rare exhibition.

» The Landler museum

The Anzeau open-air museum

Bad Goisern | The mill is part of a so-called pair-farm and typical for the Salzkammergut region. There are living quarters, a barn and adjacent old mill and lumber mill.

» The Anzeau open-air museum

Visit Bad Goisern local craftsmen

Bad Goisern | combination of all things old and modern - eg the "Hand. Werk.Haus" and Neuwildenstein stately home, the Kirchengasse passageway and the lower Marktstrasse (market street).

» Visit Bad Goisern local craftsmen

The Neuwildenstein Stately Home

Bad Goisern | Hand.Werk.Haus: Still not found any souvenirs from your vacation? Then why not take a look at Hand.Werk.Haus Goisern in the town's centre. Here you will find a large selection of unique handicrafts "Made in Salzkammergut" for all occasions.

» The Neuwildenstein Stately Home

Bursting water!

Bad Goisern | Chorinsky Lock: When tons of water dash down to the valley - an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

» Bursting water!

Dachstein Cave Museum in Obertraun

Join us on a journey of discovery through the Europe’s most fascinating cave worlds and learn more about life in constant darkness.

» Dachstein Cave Museum in Obertraun

Dachstein Cave Museum in Obertraun

Join us on a journey of discovery through the Europe’s most fascinating cave worlds and learn more about life in constant darkness.

» Dachstein Cave Museum in Obertraun

Imperial Villa

Bad Ischl | Over many decades and into the 20th century European history was made in the Kaiservilla and Bad Ischl became the shadow capital of the powerful Danube Monarchy.

» Imperial Villa

© STMG | Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl: Besuch in “Sissi Sommer Residenz“

Regional Museum in Bad Aussee

The Kammerhof (where the regional museum is located) is an important building of late Gothic architecture that was an official salt government seat until 1926.

» Regional Museum in Bad Aussee

Photo Museum in Bad Ischl

The Marble Palace, former tea room of Empress Elisabeth, now houses the Photo Museum of the Province of Upper Austria. Due to its location and architecture, this museum is regarded as one of the most charming in Austria.

» Photo Museum in Bad Ischl

Museum of Bad Ischl

Located inside the former “Salzfertiger” house at the Esplanade, it is where Emperor Franz Joseph announced his engagement to Elisabeth in Bavaria in 1853.

» Museum of Bad Ischl

© TVB Bad Ischl | Sehenswürdigkeiten in Bad Ischl: Das Museum der Stadt Bad Ischl bei einem Urlaub im salzkammergut.

Salzkammergut Museum of Nature Bad Ischl

The museum’s intention is to open the eyes of visitors to the beauty of nature. The diversity of local fauna can only be discovered with close attentio.

» Salzkammergut Museum of Nature Bad Ischl

© Naturmuseum Salzkammergut

Hand in Hand: Culture and Sport

Thanks to its rich history and tradition, the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut offers a wide range of cultural and sports activities: Each year cycling enthusiasts from all over Europe are attracted to Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, at the start of July for Salzkammergut Mountainbike Trophy, whereas the fans of tradition and customs eagerly await the "Gamsjagatagen" (Chamois Hunting Days) in August. But also the small traditional events and religious festivals such as the ceremonial procession of Corpus Christi or the incomparable World Heritage Advent in December have your very own personal charm and are among the most popular cultural events with guests from all over the world. Spend an exciting holiday among mountains and lakes with events and culture along with a lot of nature in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. We look forward to your visit!


Date: Mon, Jul. 2, 2018 , 11:00 — 17:00
Ort:  Kunsthalle der HTBLA, Lahnstrasse 69 4830 Hallstatt
An alternative not only on rainy days! Summer exhibition in the HTBLA Hallstatt. A workshop not just for "woodworms"!


Time stands still!

There is plenty to see and do in the Dachstein Salzkammergut holiday region. Old mines, breathtaking views, “Glücksplätze” (places of happiness) or spellbinding places of rest. But what can you do when the weather is not so nice? Our tip: A trip to the numerous churches and places of worship within the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. For these spiritual places have long been special attraction and tell, in their very own special way, the changing history of the Salzkammergut. Whether at the picturesque “Kalvarienberg” church in Gosau, in the Catholic parish church in Hallstatt with its historical ossuary or in front of the Catholic church in Sankt Agatha; here you will find peace and relaxation away from the busy world. “And time stands still!"

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