Goiserer Hut

First of all…

The following hike is a high alpine hiking tour. Mountain experience, stamina, sure-footedness and good preparation are the best prerequisites for a successful and safe day trip. Please do not attempt it wearing sports shoes, normal street shoes or flip-flops! This ensures nothing will get in the way of an adventurous hike. Still have questions? For more safety tips, click here ... And now enjoy reading about this tour.

Goiserer Hut and Mount Kalmberg

The Goiserer Hütte, with the Kalmberg, is among the loveliest destinations around Bad Goisern. One can drive over the Goiserer bridge to Stainach. The Goiserer Hütte sits on the summit ridge high above us. We ignor the route marking and follow the ever ascending path along the Schüttbach. Across the deteriorated Trockentannalm, with its nine huts, we climb quickly on increasingly steep terrain. The serpentine bends are well planned. The mountain flanks, high above us, are exceedingly steep.

Mountaineers have built a resting place of larch wood - the Wallmann-Poldl Rast. The deteriorated huts on the Niederen Scharten Alm are ignored. the mountain landscapes are ever lovelier. We can see out to the Toten Gebirge, and down to Goisern. Wonderful larches rice above lovely dwarf-pines are we near the hut which will provide us with provisions. We can see the Großglockner from here.The view to the Dachstein summit, down to Goisern and Gosau , to the Gosaukamm an dth whole range is unforgettable. From the Goiserer Hütte we choose the route down to Hochmuth and reach the valley in three hours. One can also reach the Goiserer Hütte from Gosau. the path is about for hours longer, but less difficult.

Colourful light shows

Tranquillity, as you have never experienced it before. Get up early in the morning, before sunrise and stand in front of the hut and be immediately surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Birds sing the first song of the day. Cowbells ringing in the distance, enjoy your morning coffee on the hut bench while tasting the fresh air - that's what people from all over the world find fascinating about a magical overnight stay in a hut in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. Relax your eyes and gaze into the distance, forget everyday life, soak up the rays of the sun, feel the wind on your skin and just unwind. So have we filled you with desire? What are your criteria for a hut night?

Goisererhütte / Goiserer hut

Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt | Goisererhütte: Here you will find tranquillity to dream, reflect and cuddle - time for partners, children or good friends in the middle of unspoiled nature, with the Goisern valley at your feet.

» Goisererhütte / Goiserer hut

© Stadlinger | Goisererhütte in Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

Hiking begins with the first step

Fancy a holiday with a difference? Backpacking and at one with unique landscape? Footloose and fancy free? Timeless and carefree? Then why not take one of the many long distance trails that lead through the holiday region around Lake Hallstatt in Austria. One of the most beautiful long distance trails is the “SalzAlpenSteig” between the romantic Lake Hallstatt and the ‘Bavarian Sea’ - Lake Chiemsee. The long distance hiking trail takes you through the most beautiful corners of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut: Over scenic hiking trails, rustic mountain huts, with unforgettable panoramic views. And who knows? Maybe we'll bump into each other? On the “SalzAlpenSteig” between Hallstatt and Lake Chiemsee in Germany.

Information at a glance

  • Start: Car park Trockentann
    End: Goiserer mountain hut or summit of the Kalmberg
    Length: Approx 10 km
    Difficulty: Alpine hike
    Duration: 6 hours with a further 45 minutes to the Kalmberg summit
    Map material: Hiking map Inner Salzkammergut
    Mark /Way No.: Goiserer Hut
    Equipment: Sturdy footwear.
    Resting possibilities: Goiserer Hut open from May to October.
  • Contact Goiserer Hut
    Goisererhütte des ÖAV
    Ramsau 51
    4822 Bad Goiser
    Inquiries to the hut keeper
    Christian Spitzer
    Phone: +43 (0) 0664 75023017
    E-mail: info@goisererhuette.at
    Homepage: www.goisererhuette.at (only in German)

    Location: 1592m above sea level, Goisererhütte in the holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut
    Category: managed mountain hut
    Opening times: Daily from 1st May to 31st October. January to March from Friday to Monday. Please see website for further information.

    Facilities: Accommodation in four rooms with a total of 30 beds, washing room, two toilets, backpack shelves, drying room (wardrobe), cosy dining room with about 45 seats and a terrace for up to 150 people.