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Gosau and the Gosau Valley history

The road to Gosau passes through the “Gosauzwang” – a 6 km long, forested gorge, alongside the river. The road is the gateway to a little paradise. As the woodland becomes less dense, a long, lush valley stretches out before you. At the end of the valley is the majestic Gosaukamm mountain range with its jagged summits. Yet this is not the most precious jewel in the crown. When you reach the base of the Gosaukamm, there is the most magnificent view of King Dachstein. The view across the Lower Gosau Lake towards the Dachstein and its glaciers is worthy of any picture book, and truly unforgettable.

250 million years ago Gosau lay beneath the sea, and the valley was covered by huge, powerful glaciers 25000 years ago. Since then, Gosau has been geologically transformed into the breathtakingly beautiful valley we know today. Where once upon a time the Celts went hunting in the woods and the Gosau lumberjacks toiled away to earn their daily bread, there are now idyllic hiking trails leading from one mountain pasture to the next. Gritstone has been quarried in Gosau for approximately 600 years, and visitors are now able to visit these quarries. Nearby is the “Löckermoos” – an area of unspoilt, high mountain moorland which provides the perfect habitat for rare plants and animals.

The Gosau Valley is a precious gem. Take the time to go walking and explore it. Enjoy it with all your senses. The “Urzeitwald” (Primeval Forest Park) and the “Geomuseum” (Geology Museum) provide hands-on entertainment for visitors of all ages who wish to discover more of this wonderful area.

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