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Even Novices need Experience

Head for the heights while climbing! The first steps on the steep rockface are a real experience. The region around Lake Hallstatt and the Gosau Valley offers numerous well-secured routes for climbing for climbers of all abilities. The fabulous views from the top are not even the best part. The UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut in Austria makes an ideal base for beginner and intermediate pleasure climbers. The only limits in the mountains of Hallstatt, Gosau, Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt and Obertraun are your own ability. Be warned - this sport can become addictive. Countless via ferratas offer beginners and seasoned climbers magical panoramic views of the majestic mountains of UNESCO World heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. The best tours following at a glance…

Lake Gosau Fixed Rope Route

Gosau | Laserer alpin-Klettersteig: Directly above the "Gosausee", this rock climb allows you to enjoy stunning views of the majestic Dachstein - throughout the whole day.

» Laserer Alpin Lake Gosau Fixed Rope Route

© Krauß | Klettersteige im Salzkammergut: Laserer Alpin Klettersteig am Gosausee

Schmied Fixed Rope Route in Gosau

Gosau | This via ferrata is situated close to the Gosau valley. Of medium difficulty and easy access, the via ferrata can be accessed, easily and safely, even when the weather is not so good.

» Schmied Fixed Rope Route in Gosau

© Alpin Laserer | Schmied Klettersteig Gosau

Mountain Climb „Großer Donnerkogel“

Gosau | Donnerkogel: Conquer approximately 1100 metres of climbing and rugged mountain crags up to 400 m in height. This mountain climb is divided into three sections of varying degrees of difficulty. Brand new: 40-meter-long "Jacob’s ladder".

» Donnerwetter, was für ein Klettersteig

Seewand fixed rope course

Hallstatt/Obertraun | Seewand Climb:  It is permanently being maintained, and has a difficulty rating of D to E (on a scale from A to E), and as such is one of the most challenging rock climbs in the entire Alpine world. 

» Seewand fixed rope course

Echernwald Via Ferrata

Hallstatt | Echern Valley: The brand new via ferrata in Hallstatt is certain to be an exciting challenge for keen rock climbers.

» Echernwald Via Ferrata

Ewige Wand Via Ferrata

Bad Goisern | Ewige-Wand-Klettersteig: A short but nevertheless very exposed via ferrata, which, on its own, is less interesting. However, this climb can be combined with the original "Leadership Klettersteig"“ to the summit of the Predigstuhl along a marked footpath.

» Ewige Wand Via Ferrata

Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata

Obertraun | Thrills and rushes of pure adrenaline out on the wire of the new ‘Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata’! The new fixed rope course on the Dachstein Krippenstein, a high point for any fan of the Alps!

» Dachstein Krippenstein Via Ferrata

© Kraft | Dachstein Gams: Klettersteig rund um den Gipfel des Krippensteins.  Ein  Atemberaubende Klettererlebnis zur Aussichtsplattform “5fingers“.

Attersee fixed rope route Mahdlgupf

Weissenbach on Lake attersee | The route along the enormous "White Wall", does demand a certain level of physical fitness - almost 1200 rope metres lead to the ascent directly alongside the crest!

» Attersee fixed rope route Mahdlgupf

© Outdoor Leadership | Klettersteige bei einem Urlaub im Salzkammergut: Mahdlgupf Klettersteig im Weißenbach am Attersee

Katrin Via Ferrata

Bad Ischl | The new via ferrata high above Bad Ischl offers a breath-taking view of no less than five lakes and of course of Dachstein Mountain.

» Katrin Via Ferrata

© Outdoor Leadership | Klettersteig Katrin in Bad Ischl

Cliff Challenge

The fascinating mountain environment of the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut fulfills the alpine dreams of any mountain enthusiast. All around Lake Hallstatt, tricky rock faces with varying degrees of difficulty provide adventure for both advanced and novice climbers. Whoever thinks that fixed-rope routes are only for ‘wannabe’ climbers are deluding themselves. Throughout the Hallstatt and Gosau region, there are plenty of routes that will cause even the most experienced climber to break a sweat. The regional fixed-rope routes include the legendary ‘Seewandkletterstieg’ (Lake Wall Route) between Hallstatt and Obertraun - one of the most difficult courses in Austria. You can find a listing of this and other routes in our extensive online portal for climbing.

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