"Jewellery" of the Echern Valley

Stories at the edge of the trail

In the Echerntal in Hallstatt, there is a lot to discover: Romantic “Glücksplätze” (places of happiness) at waterfalls, shady walking and hiking trails, highly interesting forest paths and a stony garden. But also on the edge of the trail, big and small surprises await interested visitors: Incredible stones, fascinating history and interesting personalities. We have summarised the most beautiful gems for you here.

Our tip: Since most of the info boards are only in German, we recommend that you bring your smartphone with you. This way you can always access the international (English) version.

The “Cross Stone” in the Echern Valley

A large stone in the middle of the wildly romantic landscape of the Hallstatt Echerntal (Echern Valley) . Broken off a boulder or a remnant of the ice age? Puzzling – isn’t it?

» The “Cross Stone” in the Echern Valley

© Kraft | Der “Kreuzstein“ im Echerntal

The “Ebenhoch” Stone in the Echern Valley

On the Echerntalweg, in the direction of the waterfall, is a slightly hidden stony witness from the last Ice Age. A prominent Hallstatter by choice gave it his name.

» The “Ebenhoch” Stone in the Echern Valley

The powder tower “Pulverturm” in Echerntal

A small depot in the middle of the forest as a rejuvenation place for nature lovers and relaxation seekers. A detour from the Malerweg and an insider tip for Echerntal explorers.

» The powder tower “Pulverturm” in Echerntal

San Marco memorial

When the first tourists came to Hallstatt, in the middle of the 19th century, they were enchanted by the wildly romantic beauty of the Echerntal. Here is the story of one of these unusual visitors

» San Marco memorial

The steep track “Gangsteig” steep track in Echerntal

A Challenge for mountaineers. A steep track, blasted out of the mountain, over the Waldbachstrub waterfalls in Hallstatt. Walking time about 30 minutes. Only for experienced hikers with hiking boots.

» The steep track “Gangsteig” steep track in Echerntal

Out and about on historical paths

During a holiday, you might want to see more than just the famous tourist sites. Sometimes it’s exciting to search out and discover the smaller and more subtle points of interests! A great example are the popular themed trails in Hallstatt. On these paths, you will discover the origins of the history-rich UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Follow in the footsteps of famous painters and acclaimed writers through the wild and romantic Echern Valley or take a historical walk—with or without an audio guide—through the picturesque lanes of Hallstatt. The many themed trails offer the opportunity to combine a long, enjoyable stroll with learning about the historical background of the region. Better yet, the trails can be explored regardless of the season and in most weather conditions. We look forward to seeing you on the popular themed trails throughout the World Heritage Region!