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Out and about in the mountains around Hallstatt

Whether long day hikes, overnight stays at romantic mountain huts or simple walks in the valley – whoever was en route in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, in the Gosau Valley, in Hallstatt or in Obertraun will always want to hike further.... It is the happiness of walking that suddenly explodes into great emotions.

We have compiled the most beautiful hiking tours for you on this page. You can easily compare all tours at a glance. We wish you an exciting hiking holiday in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut.

Tours at a glance

The historical Brine Trail

Hallstatt | Brine Trail: One of the most charming walks along the Hallstatt Lake and the River Traun between mountains and the village. 

» The historical Brine Trail

Sarstein Crossing in Bad Goisern

The complete Sarsteinüberquerung (Sarstein Crossing) is an extended but rewarding whole day's tour. 9 or 10 hours. Mountain fans have the loveliest panoramic view here in the alpine world.

» Sarstein Crossing in Bad Goisern

Goiserer Hut

Bad Goisern | Goiserer Hut: The best view to the Dachstein summit, down to Goisern and Gosau, to the Gosaukamm an dth whole range is unforgettable.

» Goiserer Hut

The Gosau Lake Experience

Gosau | Breath-taking glacial views, rustic alpine huts, challenging fixed-rope climbing routes, sensational water settings—a travel destination with endless possibilities!

» The Gosau Lake Experience

Panorama trail Hallstatt

Hallstatt | High Trail “Marienruhe / Salzberg (salt mountain)”: Our secret tip for all day visitors. A 60-minute walk with Aha-guarantee!

» High Trail Hallstatt

Figures and legends trail

Bad Goisern | You wil be accompanied by fabulous figures carved from tree trunks. From here, you can enjoy a fantastic view across the Goisern valley. 

» Figures and legends trail

View the Gosau valley

Gosau | Panorama route: Family-friendly hike along the Gosau valley. A special experience.

» View the Gosau valley

Hiking on the “Salt Alps climb” trail

Hallsattt / Chiemsee | SalzAlpenSteig (Salt Alps climb): Premium long-distance trail from the oldest salt mine until the "Bavarian Sea" – Connected by 233 kilometres!

» Hiking on the “SalzAlpenSteig” (Salt Alps climb) trail.

© Wanderziel: der  | Chiemsee – das bayerische Meer

Glacier Garden

Hallstatt | This romantic hike through the picturesque Echern valley to the Glacier garden is a relic of the last ice age. A wonderful hiking route for the whole family.

» Glacier Garden

Heilbronn Circular Trail

Obertraun | World Heritage hiking world on the Krippenstein: The mountain plateau hike for the whole family with the new attraction for young and old: the eight meter long walk-in ice age shark.

» Heilbronn Circular Trail

© Hoermandinger | Eis-Hai auf dem heilbronner Rundwanderweg in Obertraun

To Austria’s last wooden logging dam

Bad Goisern | Chorinsky Klause (logging dam): Through the romantic Weißenbach valley to the last wooden logging dam in Austria. About a three-hour adventure hike for the whole family.

» To Austria’s last wooden logging dam

The tolerance trail

Bad Goisern | An excellently-signposted path takes you to the "Schwarzenbachloch", one of the three caves where, earlier, secret services were held by the Protestants.

» The tolerance trail

Along the brook

Gosau | Gosau brook route: An easy short hiking route for all ages whatever the weather.

» Along the brook

Simony Hut: So close to heaven!

Hallstatt / Obertraun: The hike to the Simony Hut below the mighty Dachstein glacier, is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Salzkammergut. Recommended is the gorgeous sunrise - just a dream!

» Simony Hut: So close to heaven!

© Kraft | Simonyhütte in der Ferieregion Dachstein Salzkammergut

Hiking with Betty

The guided tours will lead you to the most beautiful places around Lake Gosau and Lake Hallstatt. Betty will give you unforgettable moments!

» Hiking with Betty

© Jehlde | Wmit Betty in der Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut

Family hiking trail

Hallstatt/Obertraun | East bank trail: along the lake of Hallstatt from Obersee to Obertraun, about 3 hours; around the Hallstätter Lake, about 7 hours! 

» Family hiking trail

Leaving the church in the village

Gosau | An easy stroll from the village centre through the church quarter. This stroll is also suitable for families with pushchairs.

» Leaving the church in the village

The karst nature trail

Twenty signposted stations tell the story of the evolution of the karst landscape in the ”Dachstein Hiking World” in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut.

» The karst nature trail

Hiking through the Echern Valley

Hallstatt | A hike possible for all and in all seasons. The spectacular view puts a spell on all hikers. The Goal: The breathtaking Waldbackstrub Waterfall.

» Hiking through the Echern Valley

Hiking to Mount Schergenkogel

Obertraun | Mount Schergenkogel: From the Schergenkogel (alt. 700 m), our hiking destination,has a wonderful view over Obertraun, Lake Hallsattt and Mount Sarstein. 3/4 of an hour to go.

» Hiking to Mount Schergenkogel

© Kraft | Wanderung auf den Schergenkogel in Obertraun

Traunreiter path

Bad Goisern | Traunreiter path: One of the most beautiful hiking paths in Bad Goisern, is close to the River Traun - the Traunreiterweg!

» Traunreiter path

Hiking to the Goiserer hut and Mount Kalmberg

Gosau | The Goisern mountain Hut is in view of the "Kalmberg Indian", and is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Dachstein Salzkammergut region.

» Hiking to the Goiserer hut and Mount Kalmberg

Giant source of the Waldbach

Hallstatt | Waldbachursprung (lit. Forest Stream Source)

» Giant source of the Waldbach

On the top...

Obertraun | Krippenstein: The extensive karst plateau of the Dachstein Hiking world accommodates plenty of enjoyable hiking routes for all levels.

» On the top...

Mountain home of the people of Hallstatt

Hallstatt | Plassen: Starting point for this walk is the small, picturesque World Heritage town of Hallstatt with its wealth of history.

» Mountain home of the people of Hallstatt

Koppental Hiking Trail in Obertraun

The 10km long trail leads from Obertraun to Bad Aussee through the romantic Koppen valley. Total walking time is around 3 hours. You will need sturdy walking shoes. There is an opportunity to stop off for refreshments in the Koppental valley.

» Koppental Hiking Trail in Obertraun

The Simony Hut and Mount Dachstein

Following the trail of the great Dachstein explorer Prof. Simony. A fabulous view of the small Glacier lakes, Dachstein and the Hallstatt Glacier

» The Simony Hut and Mount Dachstein

The legend of the worm in the Loecker Lake Gosau

Gosau | Loeckermoos (Loeker moss) and Loeckersee (Loecker Lake): One of the most beautiful high moor lake.

» The legend of the worm in the Loecker Lake Gosau

Panoramic view waterfall wall

Obertraun | Wasserfallwand (waterfall wall): An easy hike for those who want to take it easy. Far away from any hustle and bustle, you will get to enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding mountains.

» Panoramic view waterfall wall in Obertraun

© Kraft | Wanderung zur Wasserfallwand in Obertraun im Salzkammergut

Hiking to the Hut Adamek in Gosau

Gosau | Adamekhütte  (Adamek hut): First the way to the Adamekhut seems to be an easy walk along the lake Gosausee. But then, an exhausting hike to the hut follows.

» Hiking to the Hut Adamek in Gosau

Wanderurlaub in der Welterberegion Hallstatt / Dachstein Salzkammergut: Impressionen von der Adamekhütte in Gosau | © Gapp

The steep track “Gangsteig” steep track in Echerntal

A Challenge for mountaineers. A steep track, blasted out of the mountain, over the Waldbachstrub waterfalls in Hallstatt. Walking time about 30 minutes. Only for experienced hikers with hiking boots.

» The steep track “Gangsteig” steep track in Echerntal

Hiking through the Radl Valley “Radltal“

Those with endurance can undertake this hike an one of the loveliest extended trails in the Salzkammergut, the Radltal-Weg from Hallstatt to the Hinteren Gosausee.

» Hiking through the Radl Valley “Radltal“

Hiking to the viewing plattform ”5Fingers”

Fantastic views of the Salzkammergut region! 1/2 hour to the summit Easy trail alt. 2,109 metres on the top of Mount Krippenstein in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt.

» Hiking to the viewing plattform ”5Fingers”

© Kraft | Wandern zu den 5 Fingers & Pionierkreuz

Across the karst plateau

The recently established Nature trail on the Dachstein plateau is an important component of the World Heritage Hiking world. This trail travels across the karst plateau and "lures" with pristine high alpine scenery.

» Across the karst plateau

Geological Loop Tour in Gosau

Starting at the Gosauschmied, this circular walk is also possible in bad weather in proper walking boots. Follow the road up to the lower Gosau lake for about 1km and then bear left along a gravel track.

» Geological Loop Tour in Gosau

Hiking trail “Margschierf” on Mout Krippenstein

The bride Karstlehrpath leads trough a real "lunarscape"on Mount Krippenstein in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt. Hiking duration around 6 hours.

» Hiking trail “Margschierf” on Mout Krippenstein

© Kraft |  Wandern im Salzkammergut in Österreich: Margschierf-Wanderung auf dem Dachsteinpleteau

Trail "Linzerweg"

A very beautiful, but not quite unsafe way, which requires high-alpine equipment, vertigo freedom and a good stamina. Duration: 6h.

» Trail "Linzerweg"

Breath-taking World Heritage hiking

Hallstatt | World Heritage circular trail: Experience impressive history in the breathtaking natural landscape at Lake Hallstatt. Over the Salzberg, through "hell" and along the oldest pipeline in the world. Uniquely beautiful!

» Breath-taking World Heritage hiking

Hike around the Gosaukamm

Beautiful two day tour, with unique scenery, around a wildly rugged mountain range. With a wonderful overnight stay in an Alpine hut. For experienced mountaineers.

» Hike around the Gosaukamm

Hiking to the Zwieselam

From Lake Gosau "Vorderer Gosausee" up to "Zwieselalmhöhe". After 1.5 hours you reach the "Zwieselalm" there you have a beautiful few over "Gosaukamm", "King Dachstein" and the lake.

» Hiking to the Zwieselam

© Kraft | Wanderung vom Gosausee auf die Zwieselalmbei Ihrem Wanderurlaub im Salzkammergut

Dwarfs-Hike in Gosau

In the footsteps of the friendly gnomes at "Plankensteinalm". Every week in the summer holidays the slow train "Gosauer Bummelzug" goes up to "Plankensteinalm" from the Touristinfo.

» Dwarfs-Hike in Gosau

© Betty   Familienwanderung im Salzkammergut: Wichetelweg in Gosau

Hiking to the Iglmoosalm

The Iglmoosalm is very popular amongst hikers. You can reach it either the easy way by means of the "Gosau slow train" or by taking a one-and-half-hour walk from Gosau Mittertal.

» Hiking to the Iglmoosalm

Safety Tips for Hikers

Admittedly, the landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut is the absolute pinnacle for hiking fans, mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers—unforgettable tours to incredibly beautiful mountain lodges and meadows, panorama views as far as the eye can see and cherished moments that will last a lifetime! However, you should remember that while hiking you might find yourself in high-alpine terrain. We’ve put together some resources to assist you: how to best prepare for your tour, recommended items for your backpack and steps to take in an emergency situation. Remember to always play it safe and enjoy your hiking adventure in the Salzkammergut!

Leisurely hiking from cabin to cabin

Mountain Huts and Alpine

Fancy a glass of wonderfully fresh milk, accompanied by freshly baked farmhouse bread with bacon or fresh alpine cheese. Here you will find the most beautiful Alpine pastures, in the World Heritage region, for your family hike or Alpine pasture excursion.

» Mountain Huts and Alpine

Heavenly Perspective

Lace up your hiking boots, load up your backpack and hit the trail! Enjoy gorgeous natural surroundings, charming architecture and friendly people as you wander down idyllic lanes and paths. The daily grind gets left behind and your head becomes as clear as the air in the high alpine landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Along the well-marked paths, you will find the ideal conditions for escaping the monotony of everyday life. Whether you’re a passionate mountain hiker or a nature enthusiast, traveling alone or with the entire family, you’ll enjoy scaling our regional peaks. In our comprehensive route planner, you’ll discover a variety of suggestions for creating your ideal hike. You can pick up a detailed hiking map at one of the four tourist offices of the Dachstein Salzkammergut holiday region. Each map describes favourite routes for exploring Hallstatt, Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, Gosau and Obertraun. We hope you’ll have a wonderful time discovering the wonders between our mountains and lakes!